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Obtaining Balance in Chaos



We live in an age where technology has advanced so far that science fiction of the past has become commonplace reality! We are free to experience joy and pleasure greater now than at any time in our past. Yet, the suicide rate among young adults appears to have risen from times past. Many may postulate why this is but we would like to offer one vantage view. Despair and loss of hope can be found at the root of most any emotional depression, regardless of the source. Money and fame is not a cure for this depression. We can see this fact examining the life of famous persons such as Robin Williams. So if money and fame don’t seem to be the cure for depression, what is?

Life can be a maze of competing interests. Professional goals compete with personal goals. Personal development competes with family responsibilities. Life events can present tragedy at the very pinnacle where joy is experienced, causing a deep spiral into despair and hopelessness. Training gets in the way of execution while they both compete with providing for those for whom we are responsible. Like in a maze, we get turned around and confused when a promising path leads to a dead end. The harder our mind tries to decipher the correct path; the more frustration mounts as time marches on without regard to our current situation. In over 30 years of helping others find their way, the principals of NIKIERBRO have noticed a few things.

coach smallTHE CHAOS

Even though the quality of joy and success may appear to be singular or monolithic, the quantity of Joy is as different as there are as many people who possess it. One person’s joy is another’s frustration, so in order to navigate “your” maze, you will need several things that the concept of personal coaching provides. You will need an objective party that can rise above your maze and assist you in the process of self-discovery. You will need to be aware of your own self – your desires, your hopes, your values, your situation, your potential, and your goals. If the close walls of the maze are the boundaries of your inner awareness of self, finding peace and contentment in your current situation will allow you to conserve your energy for your success in the future. At any given time in your maze, you are a “see saw” with situations and concerns being purposely put on each side and your job in the maze is to balance all these forces while you find your way. In short, NIKIERBRO calls this the definition of chaos – trying to balance and orient all the seemingly disorganized forces in your life while trying to find your own way to success!


consuting personal

Losing your balance in the maze is like experiencing despair and hopelessness! A case can be made that the less one possesses, the simpler it is to create balance in chaos as long as contentment can be achieved. However, if this is in any way accurate, the more one possesses creates a greater stress to balance all of the additional forces that come with those extra possessions – fame, fortune, privilege, etc. Therefore, a successful life coach is able to “lead” any person through their “own” maze, while assisting the mentee to remain flexible enough as the balancing point or “fulcrum” in that see saw to keep both sides in balance at all times along the way. The coach, consultant or mentor, assists the mentee to discover his/her/their own self(ves) and then assists in placing the balancing point to achieve balance while evaluating the next step.


NIKIERBRO has the experience and wisdom to provide this life coaching service. NIKIERBRO principals have performed this service for more than 30 years individually and more than 70 years collectively. Much of NIKIERBRO’s experience is with faith-based individuals, but we have also dealt with those whose beliefs are more individually-centered. This NIKIERBRO Life Consulting service is billed based on a free individual, 45-minute assessment, a mentee’s ability to pay, and the estimated time package needed for on-going consultation.

NIKIERBRO makes no guarantee of success since such a thing is impossible. The mentee must do the work to find success and this is 100% under the control of the mentee. NIKIERBRO does guarantee that integrity, honesty, honor, respect, confidentiality, and humanity will be the hallmark of any exchange. NIKIERBRO does, however, reserve the right to stop providing the service if it appears that its service is ineffectual in this exchange with the mentee.

NIKIERBRO will be sponsoring video chats, workshops, classes, and retreats as a resource for groups in order to assist in achieving success of obtaining balance in chaos.

Pay for your One Hour Life Coaching/Spiritual Counseling Session - $85.00

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