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When starting a small business, quite often, one of the hardest tasks is to drive new customers to your door in a timely fashion so that as the owner you can make ENOUGH SALES fast enough to SUSTAIN your INCOME WHILE growing your business. The next hard task in a digital world where loyalty to a source provider is fleeting at best, is to keep new customers coming back so that you can build a clientele – “Repeat Business”. Third, but not least, it is hard to control your reputation the more customers you have. One bad Yelp or Facebook review can seriously damage your business.

Even for very small businesses marketing and advertising costs on average $1200 - $1500 per month when you consider costs for CRM’s, email & SMS marketing, graphic design and setup costs, referral and loyalty programs, and reputation management. Then there is the problem with integrating all of these systems without having the technical department “in house”! EVERY good marketing plan TODAY MUST have at LEAST these components! How can one surge higher in the SEO (search engine optimization) algorithms at Google, Yelp, and FB?


NIKIERBRO IS the solution! NIKIERBRO, through its affiliation with a digital and internationally uniquely trending solution, is successfully solving these tasks every day for very small to large clients for a fraction of the cost that most companies are spending for only a PORTION of the needed services! Our solution is currently working in 5 countries for at least 1000 small to large companies and franchises.

Referrizer™ is a unique and successful trending product that accomplishes not only the task of “jump starting” sales growth, it does much more. It drives customers to your door through a digital referral platform that is currently experiencing a 98% retention rate for this digital solution. There is NO MONTHLY CONTRACT! Referrizer™ must win its customers EACH and EVERY MONTH or our customers will leave! Our motto is, “If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us!” Its unique Reputation management system is as of yet not duplicated anywhere else on the globe. Our solution is tailored to each of our clients so that we produce results! Our results are proven and digitally tracked so there is no question if it is working. We already integrate with most digital systems on the market today! We will even provide you with your own account manager who gets you started immediately via “onboarding” and helps you maintain and sustain your growth.

Generate NEW customers! Re-activate existing and past customers! Retain your customers! Immediately improve your reputation and ratings with Yelp, Google, and Facebook! We will present you with REAL testimonials and REAL results of current clients. Our results are undeniable, proven, and guaranteed! Through our own unique Loyalty Program, you can even get our Referrizer ™ FREE for life!

Check out our video below for free and at a fraction of the cost of common solutions, contact us today to set up your free presentation of how NIKIERBRO can be your solution!

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