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It has been said that nearly three-quarters of all Americans are employed by small business. This means that a major determinant of the success of our nation is directly proportional to the health and strength of our small business entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs by definition are risk takers who are passionate about providing some skill or service to make a difference and to provide for the fiscal needs for those for whom he/she is responsible. There are many philosophies of business management and administration and sometimes they do not agree; however, there is at least one principle that is axiomatic or undeniable. If entrepreneurs ”fail to plan, then they plan to fail!”


A concern for many budding entrepreneurs is that they do not possess all of the skills that are needed to take an idea and create from it success. They may not even have the financial resources to pay for expert help if they “could” find it.

What about the seasoned small business that is ready to pass the torch to the next generation? How can the current leader make sure that the business will continue provide for their retired future in light of the ever present and increasingly fast technologic and economical changes that force successful business to re-invent themselves? No one has a crystal ball, but one fact is obvious, “without a plan to connect the idea of success through analysis and work, and ultimately to success, the chance of achieving success is limited and doubtful!


NIKIERBRO’s Business Consulting is the affordable solution for any entrepreneur that wants to plot a course from point A to point B. By bringing all of skillsets required to create an executable and sensible plan for success, NIKIERBRO is able to coach our clients through the process without “nickel and diming” our clients for every missing skillset. By utilizing retired and semi-retired SME’s (subject matter experts), NIKIERBRO focuses on creating client success and not NIKIERBRO sales. NIKIERBRO SME’s have started businesses, failed in businesses, and have managed portions of the world’s largest corporations.

Not only will NIKIERBRO lead its clients through plan creation, its SME’s will help execute the plan that the client has adopted. Payment is made based on specific job completion so that NIKIERBRO and client are equally motivated to stay true to the plan. It is NIKIERBRO’s goal to for our clients to succeed. We offer a 45-minute free consultation to any entrepreneur looking to optimize their business success by acquiring NIKIERBRO solutions.

Pay for your One Hour Business Counseling Session - $150.00

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