Integrating Digital for Success

Integrating Digital for Success!

NIKIERBRO Group LLC (“NIKIERBRO”) is a private consultancy firm that focuses in 3 key sectors – digital transformation, general business, and adult life coaching, and was founded by Eric and Mary Douglass as the culmination of their life’s work and experience. NIKIERBRO focuses on making a difference wherever it is present and integrates digital concepts to solve business and personal problems in a cost-effective manner. NIKIERBRO is more than a business. It is the embodiment of Eric and Mary’s passion to see others succeed and perform with excellence.

Whether working with a new start-up business trying to build clientele or coaching a couple struggling with raising a family, NIKIERBRO is dedicated to identifying the issues and developing executable solutions to create peak performance. NIKIERBRO understands that “STUFF” happens and generally one-size does “not” fit all, so NIKIERBRO focuses on customizing “real” solutions to “real” problems.

New small business startups invariably struggle with the same three R’s that plague the behemoths of industry – Referrals, Retention, and Reputation! However, new small business start-ups generally struggle with having the “budget” to effectively introduce themselves to their markets. They often lack the expertise to apply innovative marketing strategies to “jump start” their businesses to sustainable growth. NIKIERBRO possesses those skill sets to help businesses on a “purse string” to utilize the latest technologies in digital transformation.

New entrepreneurs and small business owners often struggle because they do not personally possess all the skills they need to create performance excellence and they may not have the funding to pay for missing skill resources. NIKIERBRO becomes the one to contact because its principals have more than 70 collective years of professional, experienced skillsets in most every area that a new or emerging business needs to create performance excellence. The NIKIERBRO business model is so cost effective by making use of retired personnel who want to stay busy and make a difference that access to professional skillsets is extremely affordable. The first consultative meeting is “always” free.

Even in successful businesses, today’s “microwave” and busy society places pressures on relationships that cripple a growing business or personal relationship. Thirty plus years of ministry, seeing people at their very best and sometimes falling far short of their own standards has prepared the NIKIERBRO founders to coach adults through some of the most difficult moments of the human condition. The Douglasses weathered life’s storms together for more than 37 years, and for 30 of those years, they have coached countless adults to success. NIKIERBRO’s Adult Life Coaching services are affordable. From single mothers struggling to manage home, work, and health to couples struggling with the destruction of adultery. From parents struggling to understand their children to men and women trying to recover from divorce. These are just some of the reasons why people seek out NIKIERBRO Adult Life Coaching. Finding an impartial ear or a truthful voice in this world of politically correctness can be challenging. Look no further, NIKIERBRO is here.

From working to drive new business through digital marketing to sitting with a Mom & Pop business turning their business over to the next generation, NIKIERBRO is the cost-effective solution by integrating cutting edge digital methods to solve “real business and personal problems”.

Why Choose Nikierbro?

Digital Marketing powered by Referrizer ™
NIKIERBRO is an agent for the most robust digital marketing platform in the world today. For nearly four years in five countries and more than 1000 clients, with NO CONTRACT Referrizer ™ has a 98% retention rate. The product works and is still unparalleled in saving most companies 85% of their “marketing” budgets. Take 3 minutes to check out our video at the bottom of the Digital Marketing page! Then, contact NIKIERBRO to start driving new sales today!
Ultra-Hi Quality, Affordable Professional Business Consultants
NIKIERBRO’s business model does not waste money on “anything” that does not benefit its clients. We use retired and semi-retired subject-matter experts (SME’s) who are focused on solving problems for the fun and excitement of being needed and remaining relevant, rather than on making a living! This aspect of our model, in and of itself, allows NIKIERBRO to be super competitive on pricing. The fact that our consultants are focused on real executable solutions and not NIKIERBRO’s bottom line translates into a relational associate that focuses on supporting an excellent performance standard rather than a “salesman” coming in to peddle his/her wares.
Hi-Tech Enabled Solutions
NIKIERBRO’s principals have an international experience since 1982 in the field of information technology and especially information management systems. As NIKIERBRO consultants, we continue to educate ourselves with the latest technology and services on the market so that we can provide competent and professional advice and solutions to our clients. We do this on our time, so that signing with NIKIEBRO allows our clients to focus on their business while we focus on any technology that will help them create excellence in their own performance standards.
Client Service Satisfaction
NIKIERBRO’s slogan, “making excellence the minimum performance standard”, is more than a mantra, it is the essence of the substance that fuels NIKIERBRO passion. We want every client to be successful by obtaining the performance goals they have set for themselves. Since our passion is solving problems, our team goes through extraordinary lengths to create excellence as our own minimum performance standard. As consultants, NIKIERBRO exists on referrals! We will remain relevant only as long as we maintain a client-focus of excellence. Our clients will not be willing to refer us if we cannot deliver.
Team work Makes the Dream work!
NIKIERBRO’s business model fosters teamwork. There is wealth of knowledge in persons who have worked decades at their craft. This knowledge does not dissipate just because one decides to retire. Our consultants “have no axe to grind” so they are pleasant, passionate, coaches who lead, and not “drag”. Teamwork really makes the dream work and it is the dedication to excellence that makes the NIKIERBRO passion essentially “palpable”. Whether on-boarding a new client on our digital marketing platform or counseling a couple with relationship issues, NIKIERBRO applies the principles of teamwork to achieve its goals. Failure is never an option on our watch!
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